call aane par naam batane wala app

Truecaller is a popular caller ID app, which is used by a large number of users. The advantage of this app is that the numbers which are not present in our phone, their names are also known. However, it has been seen many times that the name shown in Truecaller is a bit wrong. If your number is also appearing in the wrong name then you can change it. Today we are going to tell you this way.

call aane par naam batane wala app
call Name

TrueCaller is an app through which its users get to know the caller ID. If you use it then you must know, but do not know about it, then this is an app that tells the details of incoming calls to your number. In the details, the caller's name, location and profession are given. Usually, more information is available through this when the caller also has this app and has registered in it.

True Caller app can also do this, you may not know

Whether you are talking to someone, online or on the Truecaller app. Not only you but your friends also know about this. Because if they also have Truecaller and you are connected to the Internet, then they can find out when you last saw Truecaller or when you made a call. That is, if you told your friend or acquaintance that I had not seen or I was somewhere else, then you will be proved to be a liar.

Although there is a setting in the Truecaller app through which you can also remove it, but it remains on by default. If there is no information, then in this way your friends can keep an eye on you. The option of Last Seen and Online like WhatsApp has also been given on Truecaller. If someone is online then there will be a green dot and if his phone is busy or he is talking to someone then there will be a red dot. If not online then you are told about the last time he checked Truecaller.

Apart from this feature, many features have been provided in Truecaller such as call blocking and spam marking features. Can block someone's call When a call comes from a number, it can be marked spam.

Significantly, there are private numbers of about 3 billion people in Truecaller's database. There have also been reports of it being hacked many times and questions about its security and privacy have also been raised. Many experts believe that there is no better free way for an unknown person to know your iden-y through your number. Because through this, not only does it tell the name of the person -ociated with the phone number, but it also tells his email id and what work he does.

First, let's explain how caller IDs already appear

  1. As many of you may have already noticed, Truecaller displays a caller ID alert that reads 'Incoming call by' and contains the name of the caller.
  2. About 3-4 seconds before the call is actually connected, the notification pops up and the phone starts ringing for the users to answer.
  3. This has left many wondering how Truecaller first knows who is going to call.

Security still remains a question

Although this feature is working well and helping many Truecaller users and the company claims that it is completely secure, its backend working is not completely clean and we are absolutely sure about that. May not be how secure it is.

However, if you do not want your name to go to the front before you make a call, then you can disable it by going to the settings of the app, apart from this you can also uninstall the app from your phone. This feature, the feature of notification before the call comes, works only if both the caller and the receiver have Truecaller in the phone.