Does UPSC CSE involve a lot of maths?

The Civil Service exam contains a mandatory Maths section. If you have not solved Maths in years you might be nervous while solving mathematical problems.

Does UPSC CSE involve a lot of maths?

What kind of Maths IAS exam includes

The IAS exam involves mainly the basic mathematical process such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, ratio equations, word problems etc.

Also, the IAS exam tests candidates’ ability to spot errors in data basics, Maths ap-ude, basic control of the English language and filling ability.


How to prepare UPSC Maths Optional

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Getting an excellent rank to become IAS is not as easy as it seems therefore choosing the right Optional in UPSC is a good decision. In this situation, if you are getting ordinary marks in the General Studies paper, you can score high marks in the optional subject.

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Can I choose mathematics optional in UPSC mains exam 2023?

Undoubtedly, Mathematics is one of the highest scoring optional subjects among the rest of the UPSC optional subjects in the IAS examination.

Choosing Mathematics as an optional is a very individual decision and depends upon the candidate to candidate. Every candidate has unique qualities and special talents. You can talk with our faculty and they will explain to you what are the pros and cons of this Maths optional in your Mains exam.


Maths as an optional subject

Mathematics has been one of the most preferable optional subjects among the UPSC candidates. However, if you are going to opt for Mathematics as an optional subject, it is vital that you come from the same academic background otherwise you will not find it much more interesting than the other aspirants.

Applicants who graduated with Maths as their subject or have a genuine interest in studying the subject should choose Mathematics optional for the IAS exam.

Taking Mathematics as optional is a good decision for those who have a strong grasp over the subject.

Some students seem to be a bit confused while choosing mathematics as optional due to the vast syllabus and the time needed to pack up for the exam. Here, we will discuss some obvious reasons why this subject is the best and the pros and cons of maths as the right choice for the main exam.

There are various reasons why an aspirant can choose maths as an optional for UPSC.

let us have a glance at all the benefits of opting for maths optional for the Mains exam.


Help to score good marks

Maths has been the easiest subject when it comes to scoring good marks.

If you have practiced the questions of Maths properly and answered the question right, you will definitely score good marks.


Statics syllabus

You will be at peace selecting mathematics as optional for IAS as this subject is constant and stable. It is not linked to current affairs so once you are finished with the syllabus, no need to continually refresh your experience, you just need to rewrite it.

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