Harvesters – The Perfect Machinery For Large-Scale Farming

Harvesters – The Perfect Machinery For Large-Scale Farming

Harvesters – The Perfect Machinery For Large-Scale Farming

Harvesters are one of the much-needed farm essentials for effortless farming. It is utilised to obtain the crop grains by means of thre-ng, winnowing and other methods. Thus, it becomes crucial to use an efficient harvester, and various brands offer a variety of harvesters to make farming easier for you. These brands are Mahindra, Swaraj, John Deere and many more.

Here, we will discuss two famous harvesters in India. 

Mahindra harvester

This tractor-mounted harvester is a wonderful product for your farm, and it comes from the house of Mahindra. It has a 2-wheel drive with approximately 57 HP to provide enormous performance. Also, this Mahindra harvester has 49 knife blades and 24 knife guards. Moreover, it offers best-in-cl- fieldwork as its working width is 3580 mm with 30-1000 mm cutting height. Along with these specifications, the price of this harvester is reasonable and available on Tractor Junction.

Swaraj harvester

It is one of the best Swaraj machines to improve farm productivity. This self-propelled harvester is installed with a 101 HP engine to generate 220 rpm, which is best for all harvesting activities. Furthermore, it has 2140 litres grain tank capacity with 6 blades for higher efficiency. The weight of this harvester is 10385 kg and has a 1265 mm blower width. Apart from this, the Swaraj harvester is listed on Tractor Junction at a nominal price. 

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