How to Buy Swimming Pool Equipment in Abu Dhabi

Owning a swimming pool at home is a matter of great benefit. Once you own a pool, you also need to get it equipped with all it requires.

How to Buy Swimming Pool Equipment in Abu Dhabi
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Find High-Quality Equipment for Swimming Pools

Owning a swimming pool at home is a matter of great benefit. Once you own a pool, you also need to get it equipped with all it requires. With the right kind of equipment, you can enjoy swimming with greater comfort for a longer time.  The best thing is that you have many good suppliers of swimming pool equipment in Abu Dhabi. All you need is to determine which is the best place to buy pool accessories and equipment.

We are in an age of an information boom. It is most likely to get stuck amidst a sea of online reviews. Finding your best place to buy swimming pool maintenance kits can be difficult. This brief guide helps you to buy pool accessories and equipment online. 

Tips for Selecting Top Swimming Pool Equipment 

As you own a pool, you also need to keep it well-maintained. A pool should be equipped with all filtering and cleaning tools. Here we have elaborated on how to buy important pool equipment. 


While buying a swimming pool pump, here are the important things you should consider.

Strength of the pump – this indicates GPM or gallons per minute of a pump 

Turnover of a pump means the number of hours in which a pump circulates all the pool water. The turnover rate is generally 12 hours. In a nuts-, you need a strong pump for a larger pool. Check the HP of the pump while buying. The higher is the hp of a pump, the greater is the force of the water pushed. Consult your swimming pool equipment suppliers in Abu Dhabi for these details while buying a pump.

Amount of energy a pump will consume

The energy efficiency of a pump is important as it will effectively save your bills. For example, a 1-hp pump will use less energy than a 2 1/2 hp pump. The size of the pump should be right for the size of your pool. A bigger pump for a small pool will end up wasting energy. An ideal pump should be circulating water at the required turnover rate. In short, the great is the power of the pump, the more is the consumption of energy. 

Pool Filters

Buying the right filters for your pool can be tough without apt consultation. You can buy sand filters, sand media, and other filters available for pools. Sand filters are widely used in residential and commercial pools. Arabian Pools is a store for high-quality and efficient pool filters. They also deliver swimming pool maintenance kits in Abu Dhabi. The experts at the company will help you buy the right pool filter considering the following factors. 

  • The water volume of the pool
  • The turnover rate of the pool
  • The flow rate or filtering speed
  • The size of the filter depends upon the size of the pool. Arabian Pools is a leading swimming pool tile supplier in UAE with unparallel expertise in pool equipment.  

Swimming Pool Heaters

It is best to consult a professional swimming pool company to know the right heater. We supply pool equipment considering local climatic conditions. A variety of factors like below are considered while selecting the right outdoor pool heater in Abu Dhabi.

  • Size of the pool
  • The gap between desired and average temperature
  • Temperatures at night time
  • Wind speeds