Master the Art of Healthy Living through Vastu Shastra

Design Gurukul aims at reviving Vedic Architecture and utilizing ancient wisdom to create Nature-friendly designs. Design Gurukul conducts one of the most scientific and practical oriented programs on Vastu Science, Sick Building Syndrome & Colours.

Master the Art of Healthy Living through Vastu Shastra

Being an ancient practice, Vastu Shastra has always been all about energy flow. With proven outcomes, building a house as per Vastu ensures harmonious living with great influence on the mind and body. It is not only about concentrating cosmic energy but leading a successful and enlightened life. While you may not be aware of the intriguing facts, taking up a Vastu course can help you master the art of healthy living. Here is a list of some basic topics covered in different Vastu courses.


As Vastu and nature are closely -ociated, the Vastu course makes you well versed with the positive energy of the five natural elements. With the free mind training and better knowledge about the five elements, you can bring them together to work in your favor. 


When you are curious to know about Chinese numerology, taking up a Vastu course in numerology. It can give you a detailed understanding of how numbers are related to your future success. With distinctive energy linked with every number, you can understand the links with your birth date and name and ensure a better future by taking right calculative steps. 

Interior and Exterior

Designing the interior and exterior of your house as per Vastu Shastra ensures that all the natural powers and energies work in your favor. Starting from the architecture of your residential -es to the positioning of the interior decors, the vastu courses offer you knowledge of all the aspects. With the different Vastu remedies, you are sure to lead a happy and healthy life.


Not only the design and structure of your house but also the color in interior as well as the exterior does matter. The color of your house has significant impact on your living. Taking the Vastu course in color design and understanding the color psychology will help you apply them to your house design and ensure a positive atmosphere.


In the modern age, where a majority of youth do not believe in astrology, an astrology course can give them better insights about the real facts. Starting from the basics of astronomy to the important details of a horoscope can help you understand nature, the universe, and their link with your life better. 

With a constructive understanding of the Vastu Shastra, balancing your life and spreading positivity becomes easy. By improving your surroundings and ensuring better health and wellness, Vastu Shastra makes way for prosperity in your life.