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Codeware Ltd/ CW Ticketing System is one of the top Bus Online Ticket booking system provider in Bangladesh. We offer intercity bus ticketing, local bus ticketing, marketplace bus booking software, online bus ticket booking app according to your requirements. Your customers can book bus tickets online through the website and app. Only need to select the buses according to your preferred routes, seats, and timings. After that, the payment option.


CWTicketing System Bus Ticket Booking App

To Purchase your bus ticket via CW Online Bus Ticket Booking App, follow the instructions below:

1. Go to the app and select the city where you want to board from and the destination city.

2. Select Journey Date.

3. Select a bus from the available buses. 

4. Select your seats from the available seats. After selecting seats, the total fare amount will be displayed in the app.

5. Select Boarding Point and Dropping Point.  Click “Continue”.

6. Provide Your Name, Phone Number, and Email in the “P-enger Details” section.

7. In the next section, check your total fare amount and click “proceed to pay”; click “Continue” to pay manually. However, in the live app, you need to pay via Payment Gateway. 

8. Copy the PNR code that appears next in case you need to re-download your ticket.

9. Click on “Download Ticket” to get your ticket. Your ticket will be saved as a PDF file.

10. If you want to re-download the ticket, go to the Home page of the Online Bus Ticket Booking App, and click on the menu on the top-left side. Select “Download Ticket”, put your mobile number, and paste the previously copied PNR code in the given box. Then click “Download Ticket”. 

Our Products: 

We provide various types of bus ticketing services, such as Inter-City Bus Ticketing and Management system, Short-Distance Bus Ticketing and Management System, and Market Place of Bus Ticketing and Management System.