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GQ Limited Distance Edition: A collection to fight COVID-19

Besides the optical signal warning, the GQWhite™ Mask can also protect wearers with seven protective features: liquid-repellent technology,...


he new Porsche Cayenne GTS receives a V8 engine

The new Cayenne GTS now has 460 horsepower and 620 Newtons-meter. Top speed, for both models, is electronically limited to 270 km...


Ford Kuga Plug-In Hybrid: prices, range

Ford Kuga Plug-In Hybrid measures 4,614 mm long x 2,178 mm wide x 1,675 mm high, using a wheelbase of 2.71 meters. The trunk that...


Volkswagen ID.3 will be delivered from September

One year after its premiere at the 2019 IAA, the first copies of the ID.3 are to be delivered to pre-orders. These are the Volkswagen...


Fiesta Fiesta with EcoBoost Hybrid technology

Ford's best-selling model in Europe, the Fiesta, is now available for the first time with a hybrid powertrain. Thanks to Ford EcoBoost...


Toyota Highlander SUV arrives in Europe

Toyota Highlander has a body length of 4.95 meters, a width of 1.93 meters and a height of 1.73 meters and promises enough -e...

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