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Since 2005, Clear Sky Center has been growing and offering spiritual retreats and training for people with a heart for spiritual exploration who want to awaken more quickly and fully. These include our signature online course Integrating Mindfulness, and silent retreats from our founding teachers Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat. Over the past 15 years, some of Clear Sky’s founding members have become Canadian residents, yet many still live abroad. To stay connected with their students around the globe, Doug Duncan and Catherine Pawasarat created Planet Dharma, a virtual monastery. Planet Dharma offers online courses, listings of their international retreats and several tools to create a supportive at-home practice.

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How will this decision support my mindfulness practice?

Until I learned to ask the question, "how will this support my mindfulness practice" in everything I do, I had a really frustrating...

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Book Now Private Spiritual Meditation Retreats in Canada

We are committed to making a place where everyone is welcome to reestablish their connection to nature and to themselves. Our goal...

Mental Health

Book Now for Private Spiritual Meditation Retreats in Canada

Gift yourself time and -e & choose a personal retreat cabin to focus on your meditation practice at, Clear Sky Meditation Center...

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Book Upcoming Program Date Your Three Month Intensive Karma...

Schedule a Future Date The three-month long Mindfulness and Beyond programme at the Clear Sky Meditation Center in the BC Rockies...

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