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Welcome to CRYSTAL SANITARY FITTINGS PVT. LTD. We strive to provide our customers with the best sanitary fittings, flushing systems, bathing equipment, bathroom accessories and sanitary essentials, that can thrive in Indian conditions of varying water pressure and salinity.

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How to Choose the Ideal Faucet for Your Bathroom Taps

Our sleek and useful bathroom taps will modernise your bathroom. Choose from a variety of faucets for basins, bathtubs, and showers...


ARK Bath Fittings is a manufacturer of bathroom taps in...

Along with millions of other HD stock photographs, il-rations, and vectors that are all completely free to use, the ARK Bath...


Kitchen taps are the ideal choice with ARK Bath Fittings

A variety of kitchen taps from ARK Bath Fittings are available to suit various requirements and tastes. While their double-handle...


The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Bathroom Fittings

You can purchase the newest and most up-to-date bathroom fixtures and fittings, including soap dispensers, holders, dishes, rails...


Changing a lavatory and bath fittings

Most recent and modern bathroom fixtures, including towel racks, soap dishes, soap receptacles, soap holders, and more, are available...


Collection of bathroom fixtures and utensils

Visit ARK to see their incredible and exceptional selection of contemporary kitchen and bathroom fixtures and fittings, including...

Business education

How to Choose the Best Fitting for Your Bathroom

You can get the most recent and contemporary bathroom fittings, such as soap dispensers, soap holders, soap dishes, shower rails,...


How to Choose the Right Sanitaryware

We are pleased to introduce Crystal Faucets (ARK) Bathroom Fixtures as a well-known brand in the sanitaryware and bathroom fixtures...


Stylish bathroom accessories at an affordable price

At great prices, purchase a variety of the newest and most contemporary bathroom accessories, such as towel handles, soap dishes,...


Tips for Choosing the Right Sanitaryware

Known for producing high-quality goods, Crystal Faucets is one of the best sanitaryware brands in India. They have a long history...


Making The Right Selection Of Bathroom Taps

Discover the extensive selection of bathroom taps available at Crystal Faucets. The beautiful collection of bathroom taps from top...

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