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We are an industry leader in providing the highest quality Himalayan salt products. While considering the benefits of Himalayan salt as a treatment option for our customers with respiratory and skin diseases, we are proud to introduce a variety of Himalayan salt products ranging from Salt Blocks, customized wall design systems, and the building construction expertise of salt rooms. All these products are shipped directly from our factory in Pakistan and made available locally, via our warehouse in California, USA.

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Diseases and Conditions

Himalayan pink salt blocks used for build up salt room

We offer quality salt blocks for Himalayan salt walls or salt rooms. It helps to treat breathing diseases such as asthma and also...

Diseases and Conditions

Buy Bulk Pink Salt Bricks And Tiles at Wholesale Rates

We provide pure Himalayan Salt Products like Salt Bricks, Salt Tiles, and Salt Adhesive. Build Salt Room with Pink Salt Bricks for...

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