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Need a Real Estate CRM that gives you more site visits? Paramantra Builder CRM Software provides a complete automation solution for all your business needs.


As a developer & promoter of real estate -ets, you are battling evolving market trends, well-informed clients & unrelenting compe-ors. While you are busy combating these factors, the last thing you want is uncertainty in your revenue pipeline. Paramantra’s robust, intuitive & secure Real Estate CRM helps you effectively execute your sales strategy in this fast-paced and evolving market. There is no better way to sell real estate than Paramantra. Let me tell you how!

For over 10 years, Paramantra-CRM Software has been an able partner to thousands of real estate sales & marketing professionals. Our advanced technologies do not need manual data entry and intelligently integrate with every medium used for client communication. You can now gain actionable insights into all your sales processes unlike ever before.

Our end-to-end Real Estate CRM Solution covers your entire sales process from enquiry registrations, client communications, site visits, pricing, availability, and do-entation to handing over keys to satisfied customers. All disparate avenues spanning from growing & managing channel partners to optimising your digital & offline marketing investments are cohesively integrated with our platform. There is nothing we don’t have a feature for.

Sometimes, device or network failures can occur. Our pervasive & resilient mobility solutions help you stay connected to your real estate CRM regardless of the device you are using or the network ranges you have access to.

Our industry-leading solution is backed with our pioneering Safe-Invest Program which ranges from 90 days to a full year. Choose us & experience complete peace of mind knowing that your investment will be our revenue only when you say so.

We want to connect with visionaries like you, who are always looking for improved ways of selling real estate. Tell us more about you and your enterprise. Get in touch today!


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