Tiger Eye Stone

INSIGHT - CONFIDENCE - BALANCE TIGER EYE STONE Enhances integrity, willpower, practicality and correct use of power. Brings ideas into reality. The tiger eye brings good luck and protection from the evil eye while promoting balance and strength to get through difficult phases of life.

Tiger Eye Stone
tiger eye stone



Capturing the genuine beauty of the tiger, with golden auburn tones that are uniquely -ed,  These stones were originally given this name because the colouration of the stone itself closely resembles the golden and yellowy-brown colour of a tiger and just one of the reasons that the tiger eye stone is so desirable.

One of the most essential sources of Tiger Eye gemstones can be found in South Africa, India, Sri Lanka&-ip;

The History of Tiger Eye Stones

Towards the end of the 16th century, the Tiger’s Eye was thought to be more valuable and precious than gold. At this point in time, this stone was so rare and so striking that only tribal leaders, along with their immediate relatives possessed and wore Tiger’s eye for their wardresses or ceremonial outfits.

With our tiger eye stone, we recall the intellect, the bravery, and the strength of Shaka and the brave and courageous warriors of the famous Zulu Tribe. Just as those tribes believed that wearing the tiger eye would give them the strength of the tiger

The Benefits of Wearing a Tiger Eye Stone

Tiger eye stones are earthy yet immensely powerful, they depict confidence and strength. Wearing a tiger eye is beneficial for both the spiritual and healthy wellbeing of the holder. It is the all-seeing, all-knowing stone. It can protect the individual along with their business and can also serve to help the owner with better focus and clarity. This stone is known for being enriched with healing properties that help to reduce anxiety, remove fear, and instil confidence and strength in the wearer.






Mental Clarity

Restores Balance

Boosts Creativity

Enhances Self-Worth

While the tiger eye was originally used as an amulet for the protection from curses or other forms of negative thoughts or feeling, today it is seen as beneficial for so many other reasons. Aside from these points, it is simply stunning.

Roano Collection Tiger-Eye Stones.

We are a high-quality brand that ensures each and every tiger eye stone is sourced directly from India.  In order to get the most authentic value from your Tiger Eye product, you need a genuine stone, that comes from the most authentic source. With our brand, you get this and so much more.